Airline Mogul

Game Rules

1. Each player is only allowed one account.
1a. Accounts used by the same player to gain unfair advantage will be deleted promptly.
1b. Multiple accounts owned or controlled by the same player would result in account suspension as soon as the situation is brought to the admins' attention.

2. Multiple players using the same computer or internet connection should be made known to the staff as soon as they register.
2a. No business relationship is allowed between players sharing the same computer or internet connection.
2b. No account could be controlled/maintained by anyone other than the player who registered the account.
2c. The AM support team would not be held responsible for the loss in profit resulting from any confusion regarding multiple players using the same computer or internet connection.

3. Offensive account and airline names are prohibited.
3a. Offensive as defined by the AM support team.
3b. Any offensive account names would be altered when brought to the admins' attention.

4. Offensive PM or emails to fellow players are prohibited.
4a. Violation of rule 4 would result in account suspension.

5. A maximum of 2 *.5 frequency flights are allowed in a route.
PT: Em cada rota apenas s�o permitidos no m�ximo 2 voos com meias frequ�ncias. Meias frequ�ncias s�o as que terminam em ".5" (0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.).
5a. A route is defined as between a pair of airports.
5b. Violation of this rule would result in account suspension and possibly penalty.

6. Trading of aircraft between players in order to increase the cash of another is prohibited. (Also called Feeding)

7. The use of real world airline and alliance names, logos or other copyright or trademarked material is prohibited in-game.

8. The game rules are subject to change, addition, and modification when deemed appropriate. Any changes made will be announced in the forum and it is the players' responsibility to take notice of them.

By clicking on the link below, I agree that the information I submit for registration is correct and accurate. I acknowledge that the AM admin team has the right to terminate my account and / or apply penalty if I violate any of the above rules and / or provide inaccurate information. I understand that it is a privilege to play AM and the admin team has the right to take away that privilege when and if deemed appropriate.
I Agree