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Airline Mogul Staff Members

The people listed here are the people dedicated to making your gaming experience as good as possible. You can find each staff member's individual email address right here. To email all staff members for any request, please send an email to:

Development Department

Stephen Murphy

Airline Mogul Founder, Airline Mogul Chief Developer
Stephen is the founder of Airline Mogul, and has developed it together with many others from the start. Stephen's main responsibilities include day to day running of the business activities as well as on-going development and co-ordination of staff duties. Graduating with First Class Honours from the Dublin Instiute of Technology he has a strong background in Supply Chain, after which he undertook an MSc in Electronic Commerce and an MSc in Air Transport Management at Cranfield University.
ID: 1

Rens Den Uijl

Airline Mogul Developer
Rens started at Airline Mogul as a data officer but progressed into development as he expanded his range of skills and showed talent and aptitude for building funtional and well designed elements for the site.
ID: 150

Will Rosenwinkel

Airline Mogul Developer
Will joined the Airline Mogul team in April 2007 and has fast become the site's core developer. His influence can be seen (or moreso cannot be seen) in numerous pages.
ID: 333

Membership Department

Bryce Rea

Airline Mogul Membership Officer
Bryce, a long standing broker has now joined the staff team as a Membership Officer
ID: 31

Daniel Chan

Airline Mogul Membership Officer
Daniel has been working as a staff member since the start of September 2007. He has been helping with the membership area in Airline Mogul and with planned staff expansion Daniel was added to this role.
ID: 616

Matias Lohmann-QuiƱones

Airline Mogul Membership Officer
Matias also joined the Airline Mogul team in February 2012. He has been a long standing player and now lends his support to membership with his many talents including an impressive number of European languages.
ID: 14837

Game Data Department

Vinay Bhaskara

Airline Mogul Data Officer - Airports
Vinay is a prolific blogger and attentive airline analyst. He brings a natural love of research and analysis to an important role at Airline Mogul.
ID: 24796