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Airline Mogul - At a Glance

Airline Mogul is the number one airline management game. For no charge at all, you can manage your very own airline in multiple worlds, just the way you want it. Choose the aircraft you need from our massive aircraft database, create the routes you want to airports all around the world and join an alliance (if you want to), to grow your airline all the way to the #1 spot! Check out the links above for more information, or to register your account now!

Airline Mogul News - The Headlines

» Airline Mogul Resumes

After the scheduled four hour downtime earlier today, April 19th the game is back online and running as expected.

The downtime helped with updates to the servers as well as software ...

» Airline Mogul Downtime

The game is going to be down for a period of 4 hours, this Sunday April 19th between 14:00 and 18:00 game server time (Central European time).

This downtime is to facilitate server upgrades ...

» New Large World Created

Starting in 1994 the latest Public World has been created. Featuring 485 of the larger airports across the globe, this world is ideal for players who wish to use medium and large aircraft for ...

Game Status

Registered Users: 80,571

Available Public Games: 2

Available Private Games: 48